Arkia Announces New Destinations

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Arkia Airlines announced the addition of new destinations to its available flights: Olbia (Sardinia, Italy), Salonika (Greece), Stansted London (UK) and to Milan (Italy) during 2017
The airline has already begun operating flights to Belgrade (Serbia).

Arkia has submitted a request to operate flights to New York on its new Airbus airliner, and competition on this line is likely to be interesting.

Commenting on the consumer's need for new destinations and the new airplanes, Arkia International CEO Oz Berlowitz said, "We are working on identifying the needs of our clients, which is seeking every year to diversify its vacation destinations, while expanding activity at successful existing destinations. Increasing the volume of activity in 2017 was made possible by the addition of a fifth Embraer airliner to Arkia's fleet of airplanes."



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